Sari/ Sarees

Sarees or sari, being the most sensual or the most regular wearing attire for the Indian married women has always been a length of straight cloth of approximately 5 meters from centuries yet finds its place on top of the most of the occassion wearing attire or even the casual day wearing. Find a huge range of regular to the most excusitive range of saris coming from all parts of India to the capital Shrangar showroom in Chandni chowk, maliwara, Old Delhi. We offer a wide range of work including zardozi, dabka, multani work saree, tanchui saree, banarasi saree. See a breif preview of the collection here.

Net Lehenga Sari
The lehenga sarees are not one of the most sensuous dresses to make not just the contemporary Indian ladies, be it unmarried or married, look more gorgeous. The see through effect of the net in the lehenga saree not just gives the saree a fine contrast but also a shringar saree what every female wants.

Orange Red Chiffon Saree
The most elegant yet daily wear saree you see mainly in the daily soaps, is a majority of the chiffon saree. We put you a range of chiffon sarees as bright as the red chiffon combination with the golden colored embroidered bootis across the sari is to add to the beauty of you!

Raddish Colour Kanjiwaram Saree
Kanjeevaram, the exquisite and expensive Indian saree, famous not just in the rurals but the urban sector too is a treat in every Indian lady's wardrobe. The range we have is exquisite and limited yet if you desire to have one, you are bound to select any one and cherish for generations. The various colors available in this segments are limited to the sober and suttle shades of ancient India.

Rust Dhaga Embroidery Saree
The substitute to the expensive brocade zari banarasi sari is this rayon and polyester yarn saree which is a brocade of a non metallic yarn and yet gives the same look what every lady whats to flaunt in a wedding or any other occassion.

South Silk Saree
The brocade of the south, the jewel of the south, the South Silk Saree! Made elegantly from the fine yards of South India at various hubs, you are bound to get a delicacy at our Shringar sarees house at Chandni Chowk.

Sunflower brocade Silk Saree
Brocade saree has always been a centre of attraction in the Indian arcade for the foreigners. The finnese of the cloth and the integration of the metallic yarn has been a treat for every owner to own. Though the life of the silk saree is not as much however the feel of natural silk is yet to be matched by the synthetic counterparts.

SHRANGAR is a fashion house based in one of the fashionable hub chandi chowk,Delhi.We are specialize in best bridal luxury wear for the Indian fashion markets. At our store you will see ethnic design are combined with the rich heritage of Indian craftsmanship- stamped with our signature fine tailoring. Each piece in our collections is designed beautifully and lovingly handcrafted in our own atelier, giving us the freedom to reach boundaries of conventional design, maintaining the best quality standards. The result is a unique elegant luxury bridal wear with exceptional quality and services.